Tuesday, September 30, 2014


                  The State of Jammu-Kashmir is literally ravaged and devastated by incessant torrential rains for days together and land slides of appalling nature. Rivers turned furious overflowing the banks by leaps and bounds. Buildings, houses, roads, bridges, communication structures etc. were destroyed. Hundreds of our brothers and sisters were dead. Lakhs of people lost their dwelling units, their valuable belongings inside the houses and the agricultural crops outside. No food and drinking water for days together. The people of Jammu-Kashmir literally weep over this sudden disaster. No body can ignore their cry for help.

                 Central Government Pensioners do have the duty and responsibility to render help to the suffering brethren in the flood hit State. This humanitarian act can certainly minimize the miseries of the suffering people. CGPA, Kerala, therefore, fervently appeals to the Central Government pensioners in Kerala to liberally donate, subject to a minimum of one day’s pension, to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

               The amount collected through Branch Committees may be consolidated at District level and Demand Draft drawn in favour of PRIME MINISTER’S NATIONAL RELIEF FUND and may be forwarded to The PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE, SOUTH BLOCK, NEW DELHI – 110 001 before 31st October 2014. A copy of the covering letter may be sent to CGPA Head Quarters also.

              For those who lost everything, financial assistance is not the only help we can extend. They need clothing also. The District and Branch leaders should take the initiative to collect clothes such as pants, shirts, sarees, churidars, woolen blankets which are either new or old and which can be used and arrange to send those clothes to the needy in the flood affected areas through the District Collector concerned.

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